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Metal spinning since the '60s.

Our professional expertise started in the '60s from the techniques of spin forming and flow forming, real arts of sheet metal working that still require the expert hands of the technician to produce quality results.

From manual lathes to robotized CNC machines.

From a small workshop with manual lathes, in the 90s we moved to semi-automatic and CNC lathes. From 2006 on, we added two 2D laser cutting systems, then two CNC press brake forming machines - one of which robotized - and a CNC spinning lathe for for large sizes.

Range expansion.

Laser cutting adds to our traditional working sectors - cups, trophies and lighting - a number of other ones, from technical components to product design. From the '60s on, the company grows in dimensions, precision of machines, and workable thicknesses and diameters, but the passion for this job remains the same.


Combined processes, small and large series and sizes.

Today we transform sheet metal, in small and large series, through combined processes such as 2D and 3D laser cutting of sheet metal and tube, CNC sheet metal spinning, robotized press brake forming and roll bending. We perform manual and robotic welding, mechanical joints for the assembly of complex parts.

Different finishes on different materials.

Through trusted external suppliers we perform cleaning of metals, painting, zinc coating and galvanizing. We work iron, carbon steel, stainless steel and alloys, aluminum, copper, brass, titanium alloys and other materials.

Precision in all sectors.

Our production has always been fitting many different fields: we produce design objects for the home furnishing, lighting and street furniture, technical components for industry technical sectors, until areas such as eyewear, where details are crucial .

Moulds and technical support.

We make the moulds we need for production, assisting the customer in product development. Our technicians provide design support and advice on materials and production techniques.


Experience, expertise and barcodes.

Our staff is made of 31 people including specialized technicians, CAD-CAM operators and administrative personnel, always ready to provide assistance in the development phase and to meet your production requirements within deadlines, thanks also to the modern bar-code system for integrated real-time inventory and production.
Giotto Fratelli just installed a new CNC hydraulic spinning lathe with Teach-And-Playback ...
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