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New WARCOM "LOGICA" press-brake.

Warcom Logica 2050-60, a 7 axis electric operated press-brake.
Giotto fratelli adds to its fleet a new electric operated Warcom press-brake, with  with 2 TORQUE motors and pneumatic locking of top and bottom tools. The machine is also equipped with a abutment turret for conical bending.

Warcom Logica 2050-60: 7 axis press-brake with 2 meters clearance.
The electric actioning together with the innovative direct transmission system and to the high performance precision mechanics, they make this press-brake higlyy affordable, accurate, efficient and quiet, and they make it possible high speed processing and thus high productivity.


Cutting egde electric motors permit strong energy savings.
28.04.2015 - Cristian Giotto


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