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Giotto Fratelli on “il Sole 24 Ore”: "growing company"

Giotto Fratelli on “il Sole 24 Ore”:
An extensive article about us in “Eventi Nordest” monday supplement of May 18th 2015.
Il Sole 24 Ore

Giotto Fratelli in Eventi Nordest, monday suplement of il Sole 24 Ore

Giotto Fratelli srl is proud to inform you about a wide article about us in the business and finance newspaper il Sole 24 Ore. The piece is included in the monday supplement Eventi Nordest of May the 18th 2015, an issue completely dedicated to subcontracting.

You can read it on the newspaper or, in PDF format, in the Eventi Speciali  website, by clicking here, or by clicking on the Eventi Speciali banner on il Sole 24 Ore home.

Eventi Nordest - Triveneto edition of Eventi Speciali - is a supplement published in two different versions - Eventi NordEst and Eventi NordOvest – discussing "the crucial issues of the territory, highlighting the production systems perspectives, observing the virtuous synergies established between people, companies, institutions and public administrations".
17.05.2015 - Cristian Giotto


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