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NEW spinning lathe "Hercules 400" with Teach-And-Playback

NEW spinning lathe
Giotto Fratelli just installed a new CNC hydraulic spinning lathe with Teach-And-Playback system.

To offer a faster and faster service while maintaining the usual quality, Giotto Fratelli added to their spinning department a new Helcules 400 spinning lathe: an hydraulic CNC machine with teach-and-playback system, equipped with a 6 tools automatic turret: a machine featuring reliability and cutting edge technology.

Tornio per lastra Hercules 400

  At Giotto Fratelli spinning department the brand new  Hercules 400
stands alongside its big brother  Vega 1000.

The center height of 575 mm, the distance between centers of 1,200 mm and the spindle capacity of almost 0.5 tons, allow the machining of medium/large pieces.

The "operator side"  of the Hercules 400 with Teach-And-Playback controls.
The high axes power allows the turning of very thick materials and thanks to the Simens CNC equipped with Siemens proprietary Easy Spinning software and with the unique assisted programming system - well known as Teach-And-Playback  - you can automate production by "recording" the work of the artisan, letting the machine repeating it over and over again: industial production with artisanal quality.
25.09.2015 - Cristian Giotto


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