Full metal

Well provided warehouse: fast production.

Sheet metal: quantity and variety.

Sheet metals are, along with laser cutting, the heart of our work: it all starts from a sheet cut in a certain way. The availability of materials in our warehouse allows you to fulfill the requests of our customers very quickly. For this reason we maintain our warehouse always well stocked with a good amount and variety of raw materials.

Steels and other metals.

In addition to different qualities of iron, we have stainless steel, carbon steels and alloy steels, with a variety of technical and mechanical characteristics and surface finishes, in addition to metals such as aluminum, brass and copper. We have standard sizes and thicknesses ranging from 0.5 mm to 20 mm.

Perforated and processed metal sheets.

The common materials are in stock, even in the form of perforated and pattern sheets. For particular types of drilling or surface decoration, we can provide with specific orders.
5+2 axis 3D laser cutting and 3D laser welding machine.
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