From sheet
to shape

Laser Cutting: 2D LASER FIBER, 2D high speed and pipe.

2D laser fiber with robotic sorting.

We installed a Salvagnini L3-4020 3000 watt: a laser fiber cutting plant with an innovative robotic sorting system for separating and stacking the individual machined parts. Here he is a video, shot in our plant:

This new system ensures high speed, clean cuts, high energy efficiency and 24/7 working. It can cut iron up to 20 mm, stainless steel up to 15 mm, aluminum up to 10 mm, brass and copper up to 6 mm, on sheets from 4000 x 2000 mm.

High speed 2D laser cutting.

We have two laser systems for cutting 2D: TRUMPF L3030 and TRUMPF L3530 high-speed, both with a loading / unloading robot for working 24 hours a day , therefore high productivity. We cut iron up to 20 mm, stainless steel up to 15mm, aluminum up to 10 mm and brass up to 5 mm.

Pipe laser cutting.

The laser cutting machine TRUMPF L3030 is equipped with chuck a RotoLas for cutting tubes and profiles and can make cuts on different profiles and materials to satisfy the most common requests of trust.. In more complex cases we collaborate with trusted external suppliers.

3D laser cutting.

Through external suppliers, we can perform 3D laser cuts on even very complex parts. If necessary, our specialized staff will develop CAD-CAM models for performing and optimizing the cutting process.
Giotto Fratelli just installed a new CNC hydraulic spinning lathe with Teach-And-Playback ...
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