From sheet
to shape

Press Brake forming.

Robotized press brake forming: high productivity and accuracy.

Press brake forming is another area where today we have extensive experience and advanced equipment. An 8 axis robotized CNC hydraulic press brake with a capacity of 200 tons and a maximum bed width of 4 meters, allows us to guarantee high productivity and maximum accuracy.

Ordinary press brake forming.

To meet common requests, in addition to a 4-axis CNC electric press brake machine with capacity of 30 tons and bed width of 1 meter, we have an 8 axis CNC hydraulic press brake with a capacity of 130 tons and maximum bed width of 3 meters.

Oleodinamic press, 150t

In 2017 we added to our fleet a 150t double-acting oleodinamic press NAVA T150, with a worktable area of 1,000 x 1,200 mm and a workable height of 1,000 mm, which makes wider and wider the range of our machining possibilities.

Wide range of bending dies.

We have a wide range of tools in order to satisfy the most different requests.
5+2 axis 3D laser cutting and 3D laser welding machine.
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