From sheet
to shape

SPIN FORMING and flow forming*

Our art: forming sheet metal.

Spin-forming and flow-forming are our specialty since the very beginning and they still feature a more practical than scientific: to get quality results you need advanced technologies combined with a great experience. That's how, today, with manual, automatic and CNC lathes, we manage to process diameters from tiny to really big ones: up to 5 meters. We have molds for simple parts and we can build custom moulds.

From small to large sizes.

Among the very few in Europe, in 2017 we acquired a special custom lathe, capable of forming discs up to a diameter of 5 meters and a thickness of 12 mm in iron. Our CNC self-learning lathes, can form accurately discs up to 2.4 meters in diameter and thickness up to 10 mm of iron, 6 mm stainless steel, 15 mm of aluminum. With the ordinary equipment we work iron, brass and copper up to 6 mm, stainless steel up to 3 mm, aluminum up to 10 mm.

* Spin forming or flow forming?

The base of both techniques consists in forcing a metal disc against the walls of a mould, both fixed together on the spindle of a suitable lathe. Modern technology sees spin forming and or shear spinning. combined into a single process, generically referred to as spin forming.

Spin forming or constant thickness forming
The thickness of the material in the final product differs little from the initial thickness of the disc, while the diameter of the artifact can be very different from that of the disk.

Flow turning.
The diameter of the starting plate is equal to that of the final item, and this creates significant variations in the walls thickness of the manufactured part .
5+2 axis 3D laser cutting and 3D laser welding machine.
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